P. Code 1662

XP- Level 250

G.Location Iran

TH townhall 14

B.Base Builderhall 9

B . King 80

A.Queen 80

G.Warden 55

Champion 30

B.Machine 30

scID available ( Google Play )

C.N Free ,

Description Best Clash of clans Account

Nice base
2 bese 12 k terophi
Kc full
Nc free
2500 Medal
2 baese 200% max


+989123710321  WhatsApp

@Yashar_khozeh   Telgram

+989367235203    Telgram


#acc , #townhall 14 , #price_265

Experience and enjoy your secure sell & buy with clash center ORG

How to deliver your account / clan in Clash Center ORG

Dear customer,after choosing your product, you should proceed for buying it.there will be no paying in this step and only your selected account will be reserved, It’s all because of your trust and comfort.

Our team will call your entered phone number in the purchase form on  whatsapp for deposit affairs.

After the deposit and confirmation, the account information will be delivered to the customer.

The process of delivering your clan is also the same, but after the Payment confirmation, you need to send us a picture of your account.after entering the clan you will become the leader.

WatsApp , Line & Telegram Number : +989354314881 , +989388314881 ,

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Best Account


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